Alaska’s Luxury Wellness Resort – Unlike Anything Else!

There is nothing quite like the Spa at Talon Lodge!

The wellness experience begins with water lapping beneath you and eagles singing above you.

Now listen to the warmth and crackling of a wood fire by your side and a view of Alaska that simply stuns. Now add the professional touch of a certified massage therapist and you have the Talon Lodge massage experience.

Imagine spending the day being pampered with a variety of wellness treatments, soaking in the Japanese soaking tub, and enjoying a custom meal with your favorite wine or champagne.  This is a total wellness experience that merges Alaska with relaxation and visual therapy.

Enjoy all of the traditional treatments like Swedish Massage to Hot Stone Therapy. or let our professional massage therapists tailor a wellness package designed to enhance your experience at Talon Lodge.

Talon Lodge is a one-of-a-kind Alaska Fishing Resort, but fishing in Alaska is only the beginning.  The Spa at Talon Lodge takes you on a wellness adventure like no other!

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