Sitka – Alaska’s Most Productive Alaska Fishing Lodge Destination

Sitka Alaska is, by far, the most productive and famous Alaska fishing lodge destination.

Throughout the years, anglers have been coming to Sitka seeking the thrill of catching Alaska’s prize fish – The Pacific King Salmon.  The waters that surround Sitka provide for the largest catch rate, with the fewest rod hours, of King Salmon in Alaska.  This is what makes the fishery so productive.  Both commercial fishermen and recreational anglers enjoy the abundance of King Salmon that feed in these waters.

The outer coast of Kruzof Island, which is home to Mount Edgecumbe, is the Western most point in the Gulf of Alaska, with biomass of feed for every species of Salmon as they prepare for their spawning journey.  This provides the perfect migration and feeding area for every salmon who is traveling to British Columbia or Western Alaska to spawn.

Additionally, Sitka, Alaska provides incredible Halibut fishing and a robust rockfish and link cod experience.

Different from most destinations, in Alaska, when you fish in Sitka the guide and anglers are able to target salmon, halibut, and rockfish onAlaska King Salmon the same day.  Most Alaska destinations require the angler to select their target and only fish for Halibut or Salmon because their feeding grounds are miles apart.  Not in Sitka.  King Salmon and Silver Salmon are feeding in the same general area where Halibut and Rockfish can be caught.

Sitka is also famous for its beauty and history.  The Tongass National Forest provides a beauty that is simply majestic.  Mountains rise straight up from the ocean and are home to mountain ice fields that feed the many spawning streams in the area.

Russian history is everywhere you look and the influence of the Tlingit Tribe is alive and well throughout Southeast Alaska.

If you’re looking for the best combination of fishing, beauty, and history, Sitka Alaska is your destination.

There are many fishing lodges to choose from, and all are run by wonderful people who have a passion for sharing this great fishing destination.

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