There is nothing quite like the Spa at Talon Lodge! The wellness experience begins with water lapping beneath you and eagles singing above you. Now listen to the warmth and crackling of a wood fire by your side and a view of Alaska that simply stuns. Now add the professional touch of a certified, Read More

The luxury Alaska fishing trip formula. Luxury can, and is, defined by each individual, not by a brand label. What do you define as a luxury Alaska fishing trip? As an example, a tent, next to an alpine lake, with no one in sight and the stars brighter than anything anyone has seen before, Read More

Image the door to Alaska’s wonders is wide open and all you have to do is walk through the door. A visit to Talon Lodge & Spa and Sitka, Alaska is the Alaska adventure door you are looking for. Yes, it’s true, Sitka boasts the best salmon fishing in Alaska. And yes, it’s also, Read More

Enjoy true Alaska gourmet cuisine. Each February, the Talon Lodge & Spa culinary team of 5 chefs, gather to share ideas, recipes and creations in the attempt to push the culinary arts envelope and finalize the 2018 Talon Lodge menu. Our 5 chefs gathered in Arizona and put all of their skills to work. , Read More

When you combine Alaska, Alaska Fishing, Alaska Beauty, with James Beard Award Winning Chefs, Michelin Star Chefs and Talon Lodge’s Gourmet Chefs, then you have a recipe for memories that will last a lifetime. This is exactly what has been created at Talon Lodge & Spa. The open-air Show Kitchen is located next to, Read More

This is the ultimate Alaska adventure and wellness package.  Talon Lodge and Spa is more than just a great fishing lodge.  Whales, Bears, Eagles, Otters, Sea Lions are only the beginning of the adventure. Now add our new ATV fleet, our custom vessels, kayaks and great hiking trails to the mix.  Now you have, Read More

Best Luxury Lodge Alaska: Massage Pavillion

Picture this: After a long day filled with adventure on a fishing boat in the waters of Sitka Sound, you arrive back at your luxury lodge Alaska, greeted by a glass of wine and the prospect of a relaxing tropical-style massage  – the waves lapping the shore and the crackling of a fire beside, Read More

Luxury Fishing Lodge in Alaska

Fishing trips in Alaska: The phrase likely sends images of adventure in the wild to your mind. And, reality doesn’t disappoint: Fishing in Alaska really is fantastic. And, when you stay at the Talon Lodge, your fishing trip will be better than you can imagine. That’s because our private island is not only home, Read More

Plan Adventure: Fishing in Alaska at Talon Lodge

It’s important to have a little adventure in your life. What is adventure, you might ask? According to speaker Frosty Wooldridge, adventure is “…your willingness to conquer…and to present yourself at the doorstep of nature. That creates the experience.” Do you have adventure in your life? If you feel it’s time to have some, Read More

Talon Lodge Hosts the ASMI in Sitka

When people visit Talon Lodge, they have an unforgettable experience. Often, many of our guests about their experience after their trip. A few years ago, Talon Lodge hosted the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s (ASMI) culinary retreat. ASMI flew in two chefs who prepared freshly caught salmon and other seafood in our outdoor bar area., Read More