Defining a luxury Alaska fishing trip.

The luxury Alaska fishing trip formula.

Luxury can, and is, defined by each individual, not by a brand label.

What do you define as a luxury Alaska fishing trip? As an example, a tent, next to an alpine lake, with no one in sight and the stars brighter than anything anyone has seen before could be pure luxury – to some.

On the other extreme, marble counters with gold leaf accents, with butler service is viewed as luxury to some.

At Talon Lodge, we believe that we’ve balanced out both extremes to create a luxury environment that enhances the solitude and wilderness experience that only Alaska can provide.

We’ve tried to redefine the Alaska fishing trip and Alaska fishing lodge experience.  There is so much more than fishing and our adventure team presents offerings that include ATV Tours, Freshwater Stream Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking, Whale Watching and so much more.  This is so much more than an Alaska Fishing Trip!

Our private island offers an unobstructed view of Alaska’s Inside Passage.  There’s not a house or structure in site, and it’s common for whales to cruise through our waterway or just hang around to entertain our guests.

The island also hosts more eagles than one can count, and sea otters and sea lions are regular guests.

The private beach is unique to Southeast Alaska and is the focal point from the accommodations and the main lodge.

The accommodations at this Alaska fishing lodge are also unique.  A combination of private rooms, and 3-bedroom accommodations front the beach.  Then there’s The Bluff House.  This secluded 3-bedroom home with a deck that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and private hot tub, is by far the most luxurious accommodation in Alaska.

We now mix in service and not just any service. 

Four Chefs serving 24-people is an amazing ratio.  Imagine an Executive Chef, Sous Chef Pastry Chef and Prep Chef source fresh Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, Sablefish and Rockfish from our local waters and present a Alaska gourmet experience like no other.

Alaska Fishing Lodge Show Kitchen
Talon Lodge Show Kitchen at the Talon Lodge Beach Bar

Two Licenses Massage Therapist take all of the aches and pains, associated with an Alaska fishing trip, away in a open-air setting that will take your breath away.

And who would have thought that one of the top 20 Beach Bars in America would be found on a private island in Southeast Alaska.  The Talon Lodge Beach Bar and Show Kitchen is where everyone gathers to enjoy great libations, food demonstrations and simply to enjoy the Alaska theater.

You would never expect such luxury at an Alaska fishing lodge, or on an Alaska fishing trip.  But expectations go absolutely wild here at Talon Lodge & Spa.

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