Enjoy true Alaska gourmet cuisine. Each February, the Talon Lodge & Spa culinary team of 5 chefs, gather to share ideas, recipes and creations in the attempt to push the culinary arts envelope and finalize the 2018 Talon Lodge menu. Our 5 chefs gathered in Arizona and put all of their skills to work. , Read More

When you combine Alaska, Alaska Fishing, Alaska Beauty, with James Beard Award Winning Chefs, Michelin Star Chefs and Talon Lodge’s Gourmet Chefs, then you have a recipe for memories that will last a lifetime. This is exactly what has been created at Talon Lodge & Spa. The open-air Show Kitchen is located next to, Read More

Sablefish is one of the delicacies that can be caught in the waters that surround Talon Lodge.  Sablefish are found in very deep water, about 700ft, and require some pretty flat seas to be successful.  Alaska Sablefish filets are sweet and contain a lot of oil.  Overcooking Alaska Sablefish is almost an impossibility. Click, Read More

Prep Time: 15 Minutes        Serves: 10

Recipe Time: 45 Minutes       Serves: 6

PREP TIME: 20 Min     COOK TIME: 15 Min      SERVES: 4

Prep time: 10 mins      Total time: 10 mins

PREP TIME: 25 min     COOK TIME: 15 min     SERVES: 4