The Alaska Department of Fish & Game has posted the regulations for resident and non-resident King Salmon retention. The good news is that the retention regulations for the primary King Salmon fishing months of May and June will remain, as printed, in the regulations brochure. 1-King Salmon per day, with an annual limit of, Read More

When you combine Alaska, Alaska Fishing, Alaska Beauty, with James Beard Award Winning Chefs, Michelin Star Chefs and Talon Lodge’s Gourmet Chefs, then you have a recipe for memories that will last a lifetime. This is exactly what has been created at Talon Lodge & Spa. The open-air Show Kitchen is located next to, Read More

Luxury Fishing Lodge in Alaska

Fishing trips in Alaska: The phrase likely sends images of adventure in the wild to your mind. And, reality doesn’t disappoint: Fishing in Alaska really is fantastic. And, when you stay at the Talon Lodge, your fishing trip will be better than you can imagine. That’s because our private island is not only home, Read More

What makes small towns so special? Maybe it’s because the surrounding beauty is mostly untouched, allowing the rugged nature of the earth to shine through. Or, maybe it’s because of the people, and the way they form long-lasting friendships as they work tirelessly to preserve the history and uniqueness of their town.  Regardless of, Read More

Talon Lodge Hosts the ASMI in Sitka

When people visit Talon Lodge, they have an unforgettable experience. Often, many of our guests about their experience after their trip. A few years ago, Talon Lodge hosted the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s (ASMI) culinary retreat. ASMI flew in two chefs who prepared freshly caught salmon and other seafood in our outdoor bar area., Read More

Fishing in Sitka with Talon Lodge

If you’re looking for the best destination for your fishing vacation, look no further than Sitka, Alaska. Due to its proximity to the ocean, and the many bays and islands surrounding it, Sitka is an angler’s paradise. And, when you book your Alaska fishing vacation at Talon Lodge, you’re sure to have the experience, Read More

Luxury Fishing Trip Alaska Bucket List

There are many reasons why Alaska is on the bucket list for fly fishermen and sports fishermen. Alaska has 3,000 streams, 3 million lakes and 6,640 miles of coastline, one of the rare states where the freshwater fishing is just as abundant and fruitful as the salt water fishing.

Alaska Salmon Fishing

The Crisp Cold Waters in Alaska Provide for the Best Salmon Fishing! Alaska has one of the best overall environments for Salmon fishing; Sitka is particularly ideal because of the proximity to the Gulf of Alaska and because of the freshwater to the saltwater and the protection it receives from the bay. Salmon prefer, Read More

Alaska was not named the Last Frontier half-heartedly. With more than 3,000 rivers, 3 million lakes and 6,640 miles of coastline Alaska’s wilderness and isolation make for a once-in-a-lifetime fishing adventure. Whether you prefer to fly fish in freshwater or sport fish in saltwater, Alaska ranks as one of the top fishing destinations in, Read More