Enjoy true Alaska gourmet cuisine. Each February, the Talon Lodge & Spa culinary team of 5 chefs, gather to share ideas, recipes and creations in the attempt to push the culinary arts envelope and finalize the 2018 Talon Lodge menu. Our 5 chefs gathered in Arizona and put all of their skills to work. , Read More

This is the ultimate Alaska adventure and wellness package.  Talon Lodge and Spa is more than just a great fishing lodge.  Whales, Bears, Eagles, Otters, Sea Lions are only the beginning of the adventure. Now add our new ATV fleet, our custom vessels, kayaks and great hiking trails to the mix.  Now you have, Read More

What makes small towns so special? Maybe it’s because the surrounding beauty is mostly untouched, allowing the rugged nature of the earth to shine through. Or, maybe it’s because of the people, and the way they form long-lasting friendships as they work tirelessly to preserve the history and uniqueness of their town.  Regardless of, Read More

Conde Nast names Sitka Most Beautiful Town in Alaska

Sitka: You don’t often hear of this small town. That’s because it is a hidden gem – a place so special, it is widely accepted as the most beautiful town in Alaska. Why is Sitka so unique? We obviously love where we’re located – the Talon Lodge is situated perfectly on a private island, Read More

Plan Adventure: Fishing in Alaska at Talon Lodge

It’s important to have a little adventure in your life. What is adventure, you might ask? According to speaker Frosty Wooldridge, adventure is “…your willingness to conquer…and to present yourself at the doorstep of nature. That creates the experience.” Do you have adventure in your life? If you feel it’s time to have some, Read More

Sitka is an undeniably picturesque, beautiful village that offers world-class fishing, a long and rich history and culture as well as once in a lifetime wilderness and wildlife viewing. The Smithsonian has named Sitka, Alaska as one of the best small towns to visit. The three cultures of Russia, America and the Tlingit Indians, Read More

Alaska was not named the Last Frontier half-heartedly. With more than 3,000 rivers, 3 million lakes and 6,640 miles of coastline Alaska’s wilderness and isolation make for a once-in-a-lifetime fishing adventure. Whether you prefer to fly fish in freshwater or sport fish in saltwater, Alaska ranks as one of the top fishing destinations in, Read More