Sablefish is one of the delicacies that can be caught in the waters that surround Talon Lodge.  Sablefish are found in very deep water, about 700ft, and require some pretty flat seas to be successful.  Alaska Sablefish filets are sweet and contain a lot of oil.  Overcooking Alaska Sablefish is almost an impossibility. Click, Read More

Best Luxury Lodge Alaska: Massage Pavillion

Picture this: After a long day filled with adventure on a fishing boat in the waters of Sitka Sound, you arrive back at your luxury lodge Alaska, greeted by a glass of wine and the prospect of a relaxing tropical-style massage  – the waves lapping the shore and the crackling of a fire beside, Read More

Luxury Fishing Lodge in Alaska

Fishing trips in Alaska: The phrase likely sends images of adventure in the wild to your mind. And, reality doesn’t disappoint: Fishing in Alaska really is fantastic. And, when you stay at the Talon Lodge, your fishing trip will be better than you can imagine. That’s because our private island is not only home, Read More