Luxury Fishing Trip Alaska Bucket List

There are many reasons why Alaska is on the bucket list for fly fishermen and sports fishermen. Alaska has 3,000 streams, 3 million lakes and 6,640 miles of coastline, one of the rare states where the freshwater fishing is just as abundant and fruitful as the salt water fishing.

King Salmon Fishing Talon Lodge Alaska

Talon Lodge, located on a private island minutes from Sitka Alaska, will be open from May 21nd to September 8th. We are often asked: “When the best time to visit the lodge?” The truth is – All Summer! There is a variety of fish caught from April through September in Sitka Sound. The best, Read More

Talon Lodge Sitka Alaska Luxury Fishing Trips

Adventure travel has continued to grow in popularity in the last decade; fly fishing and sport fishing trips rank among the highest. The Unites States has world class fishing destinations from east coast to west, so why choose Alaska?