Chef John Ash Celebrates His 12th Year at Talon Lodge

Award-winning and Celebrity Chef John Ash joined the Talon Lodge Culinary Team for the 12th time during the Talon Lodge Visiting Chef Series.

Talon Lodge Culinary Team

Talon Lodge has changed the culinary landscape in Alaska.  Alaska fishing lodges will never be the same and many of the fishing lodges in Alaska are not attempting to change their offering to treat their guests with a finer dining experience.

Thanks to the Visiting Chef Series, which started in 2005, Talon Lodge continues to lead the way by mixing Alaska’s best fishing experience with a culinary experience that guests find totally unexpected.

Chef John Ash, dubbed the “Creator of California’s Wine Cuisine” opened the acclaimed John Ash & Company in 1980 and it continues today.

He has had a show on KSRO radio (The Good Food Hour) for 34 years. He hosted two shows on the Food Network. John teaches widely to professional and home cooks.

John has written 5 books and is a two-time James Beard Award winner as well as a Julia Child Cookbook of The Year. His latest Cooking Wild was published in 2018. He is working on a new book: Soups: The Original Comfort Food.

John is passionate about sustainable food practices and has served on the Board of the Chef’s Collaborative and the Seafood Watch, a sustainable initiative of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

John is just as passionate about his visits to Talon Lodge and Spa, and always stuns guests with his ability to create remarkable meals using simple techniques with Alaska’s seafood offerings.

The 2022 menu included:

Rockfish Salad with asparagus & Thai dressing

Smoky King Salmon Chowder 

Seared Black Cod with blistered tomatoes

Peruvian Ceviche

Kaffir Lime & Coconut Soup with Black Cod 

Maple-Miso Roasted King Salmon

We’re looking forward to Chef Ash’s 13th season at Talon Lodge – July 20-24 & July 24-28

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