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Alaska Fishing Lodge Expectations Gone Wild


An Alaska Fishing Lodge That Exceeds All Expectations

Talon Lodge: Your Ultimate Alaska Getaway for Couples, Families, and Friends!
When embarking on your Alaska adventure, choosing the right lodge is crucial for ensuring an unforgettable experience tailored to your group. At Talon Lodge, we pride ourselves on offering diverse accommodations suitable for couples, families, and friends alike.  READ MORE

Your Ultimate Alaska Getaway for Couples, Families, and Friends!

When embarking on your Alaska adventure, choosing the right lodge is crucial for ensuring an unforgettable experience tailored to your group. At Talon Lodge, we pride ourselves on offering diverse accommodations suitable for couples, families, and friends alike.

Experience an Alaska fishing lodge that sets the service standard for all Alaska fishing lodges.  Enjoy an Alaska fishing trip,  Alaska fishing vacation, Alaska fishing resort and Alaska adventure resort that meets and exceeds all of your expectations for your Alaskan adventure vacation.

Alaska Fishing Lodge - Redefined

Talon Lodge & Spa is like no other Alaska Fishing Lodge or Alaska Adventure Resort.  By design, this private island oasis, aims to enhance the Alaska vacation experience with a greater level of comfort, service and an attentive personal touches that truly sets Talon Lodge & Spa apart from all of the other Alaska lodges that host anglers and adventure vacation travelers.

Resort amenities and services are delivered and enhanced by real gourmet cuisine, a one-of-a-kind wellness and spa facility, and a phenomenal array of adventure activities.

Experience Alaska best saltwater sportfishing, wild Alaska freshwater stream fishing, hiking, kayaking, whale watching, crabbing, or just taking in the Alaska theater with a good book.

Talon Lodge & Spa's most unique offering is the private island with its natural sand beach and stunning Alaska vistas and views.  This private island setting provides awe-inspiring views of Sitka, Mount Edgecumbe, Pacific Ocean and Alaska’s Inside Passage.

An Alaska fishing trip that exceeds your expectations.

Welcome to Talon Lodge & Spa

Talon Lodge & Spa is Alaska's highest rated and reviewed Alaska fishing lodge and Alaska adventure resort!

Talon Lodge & Spa is the highest rated Alaska resort in many Alaska vacation categories. Talon’s reviews for resort services and adventure offerings are unmatched in Alaska.

Since the very first review, on TripAdvisor, Talon Lodge has continued it’s position as the number 1 fishing lodge in Alaska.  Our #1 rating covers our resort expereince and amenities, our Alaska culinary offering and gourmet cuisine. Talon Lodge is honored to be rated with 5-Stars for resort services, resort amenities, the fully equiped Alaska fishing fleet and experienced captains, our freshwater fly fishing equipment and guides and our Alaska adventure offerings such as whale watching, kayaking, hiking, ATV safari's and simply enjoying the Alaska theater.

Additionally, the reviews on Google, Yahoo News, Vinepair, Mens Journal, Thrillist, separate Talon Lodge & Spa from all other Fishing and Adventure Lodges in Alaska.

The Talon Lodge team is dedicated to providing a level of Alaska resort service that exceeds expectations and redefining the term Alaska Fishing Lodge!


Alaska Fishing Lodge Stories and News

An Alaska fishing lodge, Alaska Fishing trip, or Alaska adventure resort vacation is filled with stories, news and excitement.  Click here to read the most up to date stories and adventures.  Our goal is to provide the latest information and news that will enhance your Alaska vacation experience. Read Alaska Fishing Lodge Stories and News. Read More

Planning Your Alaska Fishing Trip

Alaska fishing lodges are not all the same.  When you are planning your Alaska fishing trip, being properly prepared is vital.  At Talon Lodge, we supply almost everything you need to enjoy your Alaska Fishing Trip or Alaska Adventure Vacation.  Click on this link for a list of what you need and what you do not need to fully enjoy your Alaska Fishing Trip vacation.Read More

Alaska Fishing Lodge Recipe

Alaska Fishing Lodge Recipes

Talon Lodge has been setting the culinary standard for Alaska Fishing Lodges.  Our team of chefs have been exceeding expectations for years.  If you have just returned from your Alaska fishing trip, or dreaming about your Alaska fishing vacation, these recipes will give you a taste of what to expect at our Alaska Fishing Resort. Read More

Chef John Ash at Talon Lodge

Chef John Ash Celebrates His 12th Year at Talon Lodge

Talon Lodge has changed the culinary landscape in Alaska.  Alaska fishing lodges will never be the same and many of the fishing lodges in Alaska are now attempting to change their offering to treat their guests with a finer dining experience.

Thanks to the Visiting Chef Series, which started in 2005, Talon Lodge continues to lead the way by mixing Alaska’s best fishing experience with a culinary experience that guests find totally unexpected. Read More

alaska luxury lodge spa

Alaska’s Luxury Wellness Resort – Unlike Anything Else!

There is nothing quite like the Spa at Talon Lodge!

The wellness experience begins with water lapping beneath you and eagles singing above you.

Now listen to the warmth and crackling of a wood fire by your side and a view of Alaska that simply stuns. Now add the professional touch of a certified massage therapist and you have the Talon Lodge massage experience.

Imagine spending the day being pampered with a variety of wellness treatments, soaking in the Japanese soaking tub, and enjoying a custom meal with your favorite wine or champagne. This is a total wellness experience that merges Alaska with relaxation and visual therapy. Read More

Alaska king salmon fishing

Sitka – Alaska’s Most Productive Alaska Fishing Lodge Destination

Sitka Alaska is, by far, the most productive and famous Alaska fishing lodge destination.

Throughout the years, anglers have been coming to Sitka seeking the thrill of catching Alaska’s prize fish – The Pacific King Salmon. The waters that surround Sitka provide for the largest catch rate, with the fewest rod hours, of King Salmon in Alaska. This is what makes the fishery so productive. Read More

Talon Lodge is featured on Season 3 of Fox Nation’s Luxury Hunting Lodges in America with host Katie Pavlich.

Talon Lodge & Spa is honored to be recognized as Alaska’s only fishing lodge and adventure resort to be featured Season 3 of Luxury Hunting Lodges in America.

On July 2, 2024, Season 3 of Fox Nation’s streaming show, “Luxury Hunting Lodges in America,” hosted by Katie Pavlich will air on Fox Nation.


King Salmon, Halibut, Steelhead, TV Show, & Food, Food, Food! – The First Half of 2024 Has Been a Blast!

We've had an exciting and action-packed summer at Talon Lodge & Spa. From thrilling Saltwater and Freshwater Alaska fishing trips to being featured on national television, 2024 has truly been a year to remember for us and our guests.