Toll Free: 800-536-1864
Toll Free: 800-536-1864

What to bring...


Pack Light!  You do not need to over pack for this trip!

Thanks to the Pacific Ocean's Japanese current that flows near our shores, Sitka enjoys a moderate climate year-round. Summer temperatures reach an average high of 57-68 degrees and an average low of 46-55 degrees Fahrenheit. That means sweaters and sweatshirts are in order along with a light jacket for the evenings. A couple of pairs of jeans should be all you need.  We have rain gear and boots for the boats, so there's no need to purchase anything for your trip.

There's no need to bring your fishing tackle. We'll provide everything for you. If there's one item of equipment you'll want to be sure to bring, however, it's a camera. You'll want to capture this amazing experience on film to share with family, friends, and colleagues back home.

And don't forget your sunglasses ... You'll enjoy more daylight in the summer months in Alaska than you're accustomed to, with the amount of daylight in July averaging 18.5 hours per day.

We recommend that you pack your indoor shoes or slippers...

Lounging in the Lodge and in your guest accommodations is much more enjoyable when you are wearing a comfortable pair of comfortable indoor shoes or slippers.

Arriving in Sitka...

Your adventure will begin the moment you arrive in Sitka. You will be greeted at Rocky Gutierrez International Airport and transported via private van and boat to our private island, just 15 minutes away. Once you've settled into your comfortable accommodations, our concierge will give you a tour of the Lodge so that you'll feel right at home.

Make sure that you have your fishing license...

There are two ways to purchase your fishing license. One of the easiest ways is to visit the Alaska Department of Fish & Game web site and purchase your license on-line. The direct link for this method is:

If you want to purchase your license when you arrive, we will assist you in Sitka or at the lodge.

Getting out on the water...

Once you arrive at the lodge, our captains will be there to discuss and plan your fishing adventure. You'll want to get a good night's sleep that night because one of our fishing boats, well stocked with tackle, bait, lures, rain gear and a custom lunch, will be waiting and ready for you bright and early the next morning. With the aid of one of our expert guides, you'll fish from around 7:00 a.m. to around 4:30 p.m. each day out on the waters of Sitka Sound. Prepare yourself to enjoy some of the best fishing of your life with catches ranging from prize King Salmon to Halibut that can tip the scales at 100 lbs. or more.

Evening at Talon

At the end of the day...

When you return from a full day of excellent fishing, you'll be welcomed back to the Lodge with a mouth-watering dinner prepared by our gourmet chef. Just make sure you leave room for dessert. After that, you can just kick back and relax and trade the best stories of the day, or get the guys together for an impromptu poker game. The Lodge is also equipped with Wireless Internet access for your convenience.

Enjoy your favorite beverage...

Our fabulous beachside bar is well stocked and provides for premium spirits and Alaskan Draft Beer. We have a nice selection of Single Malt Scotch and a fine wine list that is designed to accompany your gourmet meals. Wines have been selected by our Executive Chef and pairings will be presented prior to the evening meal.

Taking Massage to a new level...

There is nothing quite like our massage center experience in all of Alaska - if not the entire Pacific Northwest!
Water lapping beneath you. Eagles calling above you. The warmth and crackling of a wood fire by your side. Now, add the experienced touch of a certified massage therapist and you have the Talon Lodge massage experience.

Taking your catch back home...

At your request, we'll be glad to arrange for your fish to be professionally processed, flash-frozen and boxed for the trip back home. You may also want to purchase a hat, shirt or sweatshirt monogrammed with the Talon Lodge logo as a reminder of your incredible Alaskan adventure...or better yet to remind you to return again soon.

Trip Planning Assistance...

Our guest relations team, Stuart or Jessica, will be reviewing your profile form and make sure that all of your requests are taken care of prior to your visit. Based on your information and special excursions you request, you may be receiving a call from someone on our team to confirm your itinerary. You can also call us at any time at 1-800-536-1864.

Planning an Alaskan fishing adventure is certainly exciting, but NOTHING can compare to experiencing the real thing. We're looking forward to welcoming you to Talon Lodge.

Here is a list of items that we suggest you bring on this trip:

For Fishing:
Jeans or comfortable pants
Fleece sweater
Layered clothing
Warm cap
Warm socks

For Evening:
Casual pants
Casual shirt
Comfortable shoes
House slippers for inside dining room
Windbreaker or light jacket
Bathing suit (for hot tub)

Other Items:
Prescription medication

What NOT to pack:
Rain boots
Waders (unless you have your “very special” pair)
Wadding boots
Fishing poles or fishing gear
Hair dryer
Cooler for Fish

Let the adventure begin!