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Toll Free: 800-536-1864

What Can I expect from a Sitka fishing experience?

Sitka fishing is a simply the best in Alaska. To experience Sitka Alaska fishing, contact Talon Lodge and book a Alaska charter fishing trip. We will take you to the best halibut, salmon or fly fishing areas in the state. Plan your next vacation to Talon Lodge where we provide a guide to lead you on the adventure of a lifetime and our travel packages are the best in the industry.


Because the fishing is so great, there is a variety of Alaska charter fishing opportunities. You can plan your vacation around what type of fishing you want to do. If you want to sport fish for salmon or halibut, Talon Lodge will set you up. If you are looking for a float plane guided adventure, we have a permit for all of the best rivers and streams.


The other advantage to Sitka fishing is the location. We are only 30 minutes from your first fishing spot. If the weather is wet and windy, our experienced Alaska charter fishing captains will steer you up Alaska's Inside Passage into a protected bay or waterway.


Talon Lodge provides direct access to Sitka fishing and a Sitka Alaska fishing trip using some of the best Alaska charter fishing boats can ensure you a once in a lifetime fishing experience. Halibut and Salmon abound or you can try your hand at trout fly fishing with the help of an experienced adventure guide. Our fishing vacation packages are a great way to enjoy the outdoors so call The Talon Lodge for your next Alaska adventure.