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Toll Free: 800-536-1864

Can you provide a guide for my sport fishing trip?

Sport fishing in Alaska is one of our most popular Alaska fishing trip packages. Enjoy bountiful salmon fishing as well as great secluded spots to hone your fly fishing skills. You can tailor your vacation to encompass halibut fishing, wildlife hikes, or a luxurious spa treatment. Call Talon Lodge today and make a reservation for an adventure of a lifetime.

A Talon Lodge sport fishing trip begins with some of the best captains in the Sitka Sound area. They know how to make your Alaska fishing trip the best possible. These Alaskan skippers know where the best King Salmon fishing, Silver Salmon (Coho Salmon)fishing, fly fishing, halibut and trout fishing areas are located. We also have highly trained guides that can educate you and your family on the local wildlife.

After a busy day of Alaska adventure, we invite you to come back to our lodge and experience a spa treatment or a relaxing drink on our view deck. Can you image a better Alaska adventure - we don’t think so.

A Talon Lodge Alaska sport fishing trip is more than just a run of the mill Alaska fishing trip. Our staff will tend to your every need including organizing a salmon fishing, fly fishing or halibut fishing adventure to hiking with the local wildlife to kicking back in our luxurious lodge and using the spa. We invite you to check out our web site and call us today to plan your trip!