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What you should know before you book your Alaska fishing trip - Contrary to what their brochures may lead you to believe, all Alaska fishing lodges are not created equal. Sure, they may dazzle you with photos of magnificent scenery and impressive catches of the day. But it’s what they don’t tell you that may lead to disappointment once you get there. At Talon Lodge, we know that the success of your Alaska fishing trip depends on five critical factors:


Your Fishing Boat
Experienced Guides


We have made it a priority to make sure every one of these areas are the very BEST that Alaska has to offer. Just because you’re fishing in the Alaskan wilderness doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same kind of service you’d enjoy at a four or five-star hotel. As a guest of Talon Lodge, you’ll enjoy exceptionally attentive service, special guest room amenities, daily maid service, and an attention to detail that will make your stay with us truly memorable.



Join us for the Alaska fishing trip of a lifetime!

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